Medwel believes that the MEDS-P1002 is a key step for hospitals to transform themselves into smart hospitals.

The measurement of physiological parameters such as height, weight and blood pressure are carried out around the clock, and have traditionally required data entry or paper transcription by registered nurses. This results in substantial time costs and can lead to physicians and registered nurses spending more time dealing with data and numbers than caring for and interacting with patients. The flexible MEDS-P1002 can be integrated with existing vital sign measuring devices to benefit hospitals in the following ways:

  • Graphical user interface: The MEDS-P1002's touchscreen sports a graphical user interface that guides patients with intuitive instructions, turning conventional medical equipment into the perfect medium for informing patients of their physiological parameters.

  • Physiological parameters data storage in NHI (National Health insurance) cards or patient ID bands: The MEDS-P1002 can be integrated with IC card readers, barcode scanner and vital sign measuring devices. Once the patient's ID is read, users may record physiological parameters onto the card, while medical personnel may also access patient parameter records from it.

  • Parameter uploads to HIS (Hospital information system): The MEDS-P1002 features both LAN and Wi-Fi connectivity and is able to upload measured data to a HIS, thus compensating for the lack of internet connectivity that is a shortcoming of conventional medical equipment.

  • Content-rich information: The MEDS-P1002 serves as a smart interfaces of vital sign measuring devices that can analyze the measurement results and provide corresponding healthcare advice regarding diet, lifestyle, and physical activity, making physiological parameters more than just cold, hard numbers.

Actual Case

Actual Case

Blood Pressure Measurement

Hospital outpatient clinic have many patients every day. The automatic upload function can not only reduce the loading on nursing staff for manually record the data, but the process can work more smoothly also the outpatient clinic will be no longer crowded.

BMI Measurement

All nursing stations have a BMI machine. Our smart measurement solution helps to eliminate paper-based hospital processes so that patients can do self-measurement without nursing staff assistance and to reduce labor waste.

Baby Weight Measurement

Cart-type smart measuring instrument provide doctors with immediate access to patient information and reduces potential errors, bringing more convenience to nursing staff.